Major fundraising for Lynxter


The young innovative company based at Technocité has just completed a €1.5 million fundraising campaign to accelerate the commercial development and industrialization of its additive manufacturing industrial machine tools. Job creation is also announced.

Julien Duhalde, Karim Sinno and Thomas Batigne moved to the Technocité site in September 2017 to develop the S600D, a machine tool for additive manufacturing by material deposition. All three graduates of the National Engineering School of Tarbes (ENIT), they designed this 3D printing machine to meet the needs of manufacturers who could not find a machine that truly fulfilled their requirements (limited choice of materials, specificities, operating costs). The Lynxter team has designed a versatile, modular and open machine to encourage collaboration. Everyone can share their innovations with the community and improve the capabilities of their machine according to their own developments.

With its three manufacturing technologies (triple extrusion of thermoplastic filaments, deposition of liquids and in particular silicones, possibility of depositing materials including technical ceramics), the S600D offers multiple applications such as emergency manufacturing, small series or prototyping. Airbus and the Compositadour technology platform at Technocité are among the first buyers of the S600D, which they use for various technical applications (emergency maintenance parts, workshop tools, design office prototypes, new product design etc.)

Last July, Lynxter announced that it had completed a €1.5 million seed round. Among Lynxter's new partners are the investment fund Irdi Soridec Gestion, Airbus Développement, BPI France and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. With this financial contribution but also thanks to the expertise of its new partners, Lynxter intends to accelerate its commercial development as well as working on new innovations. Lynxter's team of 10 people is due to be reinforced in the coming months.


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