[Translate to English:] MaxSea et I Clean My Sea ensemble contre la pollution marine

Le bateau de collecte de déchets flottants de I Clean My Sea ©ICleanMySea

The world specialist in maritime navigation software is partnering with the start-up I Clean My Sea, also established on the Izarbel Technology Park at Bidart. MaxSea will now provide them with technological and operational support for their solution that detects and recovers plastic waste from the sea.

The I Clean My Sea solution is an app that flags up plastic waste drifting in the sea and links it to a collection by boat. It was developed on the Izarbel Technology Park in June 2018 by Aymeric Jouon.

Since December, the young company I Clean My Sea has benefited from the support of the MaxSea group, world leader in on-board maritime software. MaxSea provides the Timezero navigation software and the sensor now equipping the collection ship of Aymeric Jouon’s team. 

The MaxSea group also provides communication relays for the community of users of the MaxSea software by offering them the use of the mobile app I Clean My Sea to photograph and locate floating waste.

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